Showcase: Fleet Foxes Cutout Animation.

After watching this beautifully crafted cutout animation by Sean Pecknold unfold against the folk-baroque scape of “Mykonos” by Fleet Foxes, I feel as though I have traveled to a far off land where love and oppression are bound by geometry and rhythm. The triangle, my personal favorite out of all geometric shapes, is perfect for describing this narrative as it suggest solidity in the base and momentum through angularity even as a static object, however, in this animation, static it is not. The two triangles hold and caress each other in a perpetual fall, reminiscent of falling in love. In their descending courtship geometric characters oppress and envelope them in an anxious array of color and shape, yet as the two triangles struggle for expression in a foreign landscape, they gain support by wings of grace to a plane of acceptance and eternity. What a beautiful story.

Animation Credits: Sean Pecknold


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