Dias de los Muertos

Day of the Dead Altar

Sharing my birthday with the dead is an honor. There is no better way to understand the greatness of what you have than by celebrating the greatness of what has been. By honoring our ancestors and celebrating the rich vitality of aliveness on this day I am sequentially blessed to honor my life within the continuity of life itself. Through festivals, art, and all things creative our communities have brightened this tiny place we call the world, and in a culture who’s spiritual immaturity has neglected death and it’s positive affirmations, I’m magnetically drawn to such an intercultural smash-up of traditions and processions that aims to honor the very thing we fear most. Celebrating life by celebrating those who have passed will forever be the same day I came to be apart of it all. I can only hope that on the day my birthday becomes only Dias de los Muertos, the decorated souls stomping their heels and singing their songs to the rhythms of renewal will stir the heavens so that I may know the gift I was given on this day from the other side. Happy birthday life, happy birthday death.

With this perspective, I’m Daniel Sherer


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