How Strong, is Flesh and Blood

Songs by Josh Garrels

The poetic lyricism of Portland based folk-artist  Josh Garrels will hit the heart in a mighty way. His musical passion brims over the edge where you will be left overflowing with love, longing and liberation.

Illustration / Animation: Daniel and Arian

Reading through Garrels’ Bio does a great job of painting the picture of the man behind the music, but one interesting note struck me directly. Not to over shine his faith and community as a fountain of inspiration and personal injection for his songs, Garrels includes nature as being a source of creative inspiration and retreat.

Many of the songs in Garrels’ catalogue evoke natural, visceral imagery, both from the Midwest where he was raised and attended college, and now from his home in Portland, Oregon. Garrels says, “I’ve always had a deep connection with the woods, fields, and lakes. They somehow make me feel free and timeless, yet also brave and purposeful. My dad was an avid walker, and would take my family on hikes in the woods. All through my life, when I’ve been in the midst of a personal crisis, hurt, or spiritual need, I’ve gone to nature to pray, think, and even scream and cry.”

Beyond nature, poetry and incredible talent, Garrels isn’t fake and that’s probably what moves me the most. He’s authenticity as an artist is truly inspiring and I will be a proud supporter of his for many songs to come.




Check out more of Garrels’ music here. Every song is beautiful.

Follow the link to Josh Garrels’ website to explore more from this generous artist. He has more great videos too. Hope you enjoy.


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