Action Through Design

Young Designers Take Action…

Quality USA MadeYoung and United Screen Printingunited-works-of-americaQuality 100%_100_white_open_detail

…and I like it! 

Atlanta-based designers Sean Metcalf and Ben Lebovitz are putting their designs into action. They call it Young & United and they are driven to revitalize the “us” in USA. It’s an admirable task and deserves to be heard and seen. As someone who appreciates thoughtful design, I am naturally drawn to their cause. They have managed to combine incredible design with a meaningful message. Sometimes it’s blatant, sometimes it’s clever, but it’s always about believing that together “we” are greater.

Young & United is more than a label,
it’s initiative.

In our nation’s greatest days existed an American spirit that brought the people together and fueled our country. Today, an opportunity waits. We live in a generation of possibilities, and a time where we define ourselves. Young and eager, enduring and passionate – ready to see change, Now is the time to bring back that spirit. We are dreamers, we are makers.
We are Young&United.

“The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans – proud of our Ancient heritage.” -JFK.

Checkout more of their designs and learn more about their cause at their website → Young&United’s website.

Help Young & Untied revitalize US Manufacturing and reset the status quo by kickstarting their efforts → Visit Their Kickstarter Page Here!!

Like Y&U’s cause at their facebook page. Show them some love and spread the good word!

And remember to..

You CanY&U


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