The Arlington Post Has Moved.

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Most curious about how the subtleties of our world reflect a grander ideal. It’s in those expressions where the majority of my inspiration is found. Traveling light and listening attentively are among a long list of things that provide me with delight. My choice pattern of spontaneity and fluidity is a lifelong aspiration, full of struggle and abundant reward.

Bouldering in Bishop, Ca (Photo credit: TJ Mauer)


Presently pursuing this adventure off a street named Arlington, hence “The Arlington Post.”

I grew up in the blue hills and lakes of north Georgia where playing in the woods and jumping in the rivers was our idea of normal. The Appalachia will always be my home, but currently my adventure has me on a different set of hills. Those of the San Francisco Bay.


The collection of photos and images on this site were created and captured by Daniel Sherer (unless otherwise stated). They are mostly from adventures into wild and distant places. They are in a way an archive of those explorations and also serve to share those experiences with curious eyes. Please feel free to share your thoughts by commenting using the “comments form” or “like” button found  below most posts or images.

Hope you enjoy!

Daniel Sherer | @longbreath | DANIMATE


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